Ultimo Hombre is a global amateur esports company, one of the first in esports to bridge the gap between professional esports and social competitive gaming. Launched in the UK, Ultimo Hombre hosts events and tournaments around the world to bring the passion and spectacle of esports to a wider audience in an environment that delivers a personalised experience that is special to the competitive gamers, spectators and game enthusiasts, creating opportunities for them to be in the spotlight and to win incredible prizes on the Ultimo Hombre leaderboards. Every unique experience is captured and broadcast across YouTube, Twitch and social channels to bring together a global community that not only celebrates the world of competitive gaming, but to use Ultimo Hombre as a platform to develop and innovate solutions for a sustainable social and environmental ecosystem, advocating mental wellbeing and levelling the playing field for people with disabilities and being the first to generate awareness on the effects of e-waste on the greater ecosystem.